Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Layout possibility

Here's my attempt at a new layout

The Pressing table is the same size as what I have now, and the cutting table is a little longer to accommodate Olfa's largest mat. Don't know if I'll ever get that, but hey, it's only a few more inches longer.

I thought about using my sewing table (the one with my grandma's machine in it) as a table for one of my other machines, but the height really isn't comfortable. Plus, without a machine on it, I can use it as a "landing zone" for my pressing aids.

Both tables will be on casters, so I can rotate them 90 degrees if I need to. Comments on the plan are welcome....


Miss Coleen said...

Hi there, You have a great space to work with! Good 'bones' Your draft for you new layout looks really well thought out. Casters are a great idea if you are working with large fabric to cut out definitely better to be able to walk around your table to cut. Ask me how i know ;) Also bigger is better when it comes to a cutting mat. That will be my next big purchase. Looking forward to seeing more photos. France on PR suggested that Deepika create a gallery for everyone to show their sewing spaces - i hope it happens. good luck - coleen

Miss Coleen said...

Another thing that is great to have is a dress form - they make life so much easier. I did a duct tape one - not perfect but ok for now.