Monday, February 18, 2008

Actual Progress!

Yep, I've done something. Quite a few somethings, actually.

I've ordered the techlighting, which should get here in about a month.

I sold my old computer desk Craigslist, and the lady picked it up on Sat. 15 minutes later I was marking a level line to make my sewing desk. DH came in asking what I was doing.
"Installing the brackets to hold up my desk."
"But you haven't built anything yet."
"Yeah, but I like ratchets."

I decided to buy heavy duty brackets so I wouldn't have to figure out the right size for my table. I used two for the short part of the L and 3 for the long part because plywood tends to warp over 36".

They feel very heavy because they are installed into the studs. I found a good trick for finding studs: Measure 16" from one side of an electrical box. Most are secured against a stud. Worked well for me.

I suppose I should talk about my choice of countertops. I decided that the laminate countertop was too expensive. I found some good pieces of countertop at my local Habitat for Humanity ReUse center, but they weren't the right size. So, I almost went with melamine, but then I looked at my bookshelves and remembered why I hate that so much. So, I decided to go the plywood and paint route. At least this way I can sand and repaint it easily if it gets scratched up.

Plus, with plywood I can "easily" cut holes for grommets. Ta Da!

I say "easily" because it does seem really easy, but you need to be patient. Buy a special drill bit that allows you to attach whatever size hole saw you need. Point and drill. What I didn't realize I would have to stop so often and clean out the cut, and clean off the gunk sticking to the saw. Once I realized that, no problems. The grommets I got from Rockler. The recommended hole size is a perfect fit.

So, that's what I got this weekend. Tonight I primed the back of the wood. It will be boring for a while, but I hope I will have the sewing desk done this weekend... then the hard stuff!

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